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About House Buyers United Fund

Robert Pertich – Managing Director

Robert has an accounting background with over 25 year’s industry experience including experience in establishing, advising, auditing and managing property funds.

Robert has been a certified practising accountant since 1995.

In his role as Managing Director, Robert will be responsible for overall business operations management.

Robert has been instrumental in providing strategic advice and financial leadership in numerous businesses over this period including large variation of industries and size of businesses giving him a great scope of business acumen and experience.

Over the 25 years of industry experience Robert has been involved in numerous property transactions covering residential, commercial and industrial property. This has ranged from pure investment acquisitions through to property development and the realisation of said assets.

With Robert’s consulting experience, he has been involved in listed and unlisted entities which have provided him with a full understanding of corporate governance and ASIC reporting requirements.

Robert has also assisted with the maintenance of relevant corporate registries.

Anton Lawrence – Director

Anton Lawrence has over 28 years experience as a property analyst, fund adviser and fund manager.

Anton has substantial knowledge and experience in direct and securitised property including listed and unlisted property trusts (REITs), mortgage funds, hybrid funds and domestic and global property securities funds and also has recent involvement in Australian equities and agriculture funds.

Anton has been intimately involved in the development of managed investment schemes for both domestic and foreign clients, including product structuring, due diligence, regulatory compliance and asset allocation.

Anton has an intimate knowledge of the domestic and global property market and has previously worked for property fund managers, large banks, rating houses and listed REITs.

Anton is a past member of the Executive of the Property Funds Association of Australia, the representative body for the unlisted property trust sector in Australia.

Anton has many years experience managing funds investment processes, both in Australia and around the world.

Denis Baulsom – Director

Denis has over 40 years experience in financial services including roles at major Australian institutions. Denis’ primary responsibility will be the communication of the funds investment proposition to investors.

Denis has high level strategic marketing and business skills with an in depth understanding of investors aspirations and attitude to risk.

Denis has significant experience in the design of various investment products. Denis is a past chairman of the Australian Disability education program for the Australian Lifewriter's Association and has been an educator and mentor to financial market participants.

House Buyers United Fund Liquidity Status

Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Fund is liquid when 80% or more of it’s assets are invested in ‘liquid’ assets.

The Fund is currently liquid

and therefore, if you are a retail client and are first issued with Capital Units today, you will be entitled to a cooling off period.

Please refer to section 13.3 of the PDS

for the Fund for more information.

Please note, the liquidity status of the Fund may change between the time you apply for Capital Units and the time that you are first issued Capital Units.

Even if the Fund is liquid at the time you apply for Capital Units, if the Fund is illiquid at the time Capital Units are first issued, no cooling off rights will apply.

House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement

You should read the House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before deciding whether the House Buyers United Fund could provide you with an affordable and cost-efficient method of exposure to the Melbourne residential property market suitable to your financial goals and requirements and matches your investment risk profile.

House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement e-book

e-book PDS

Refer to the
House Buyers United Fund
Product Disclosure Statement
which can downloaded
in pdf format below.

link to House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement pdf

A printed
Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)
can be obtained by emailing



House Buyers United Fund Privacy Policy e-book

e-book Privacy Policy

Refer to the
House Buyers United Fund
Privacy Policy
which can downloaded
in pdf format below.

link to House Buyers United Fund Privacy Policy pdf

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Contact House Buyers United

HBU Investments Limited
ACN 608 424 488
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is the responsible entity
of the
House Buyers United Fund
ARSN 614 577 276

and the issuer of units
in the Fund.

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House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement e-book

e-book Disclaimer

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