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East Brighton Vic. 3187


This residential gem is in a highly sought-after location in East Brighton Vic. 3187 to the west of Nepean Highway.

The property was last purchased in April 2003 for $600,000.

The residence was completely renovated in 2007.

Since then the property value has shown steady capital growth, as is to be expected in this location, and is now valued at about $1.85 – $2.05 million – primarily in the value of land in this area.

The value of this property has increased by about $150k – $200k in just the last 12 months.

There is no new land available for additional property development in this area.

Consequently, while past performance is no guarantee of future performance and no investment is without risk, there is no known reason why this land-value growth will not continue into the future – in line with market influences – and this residential property is considered an excellent opportunity for investors seeking secure and predictable capital growth over the long-term.

Refer to the House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement downloadable in PDF format HERE

Acquisition by the House Buyers United Fund would allow investment exposure to the Fund property portfolio and any capital growth it might experience over the long term.

A minimum investment of only $10,000 for a minimum period of 5 years is required.

Hampton RSL

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East Brighton is a well established ‘leafy’ suburb of south-east Melbourne some 11 klm from the city and well-serviced by public transport.

Typical residential property values tend to experience shown relatively steady, secure and predictable growth and, currently, are typically in the $1.5 – $2 million price range.

Because of this, long-term investment has been mostly limited to high-net worth investors and purchasers with substantial financial resources.

Property Details

This property complies with all of the House Buyers United Fund selection criteria as listed on page 16 of the Fund Product Disclosure Statement – section 2.2.3 – Asset Criteria

Close to everything

This property is within walking distance to public transport.

The city is only about 20 minutes away by train, about 40 minutes by tram.

Even schools are only about 5 minutes walk away in either direction

Last on the market in April 2003

Ideally located

Quiet location with plenty of on-street parking right outside the premises.

Off-street garage

Off-street garage for 2 cars

Steady long-term Capital Growth

Since 2003 the value of this property, which is primarily land-value has more than tripled.

Given it’s prime location in this well-established and highly sought-after Melbourne suburb House Buyers United considers this asset worthy addition to it’s residential property portfolio over the long-term.

Minimum Investment


Minimum Investment term

5 years.

Investment capital redemption method

Investment capital redeemed by liquidation of Capital Units in the House Buyers United Fund

Capital Growth History

Property has averaged a capital growth of about 7.5% since being purchased in 2003.

Past growth is no guarantee of future growth

Refer the House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement regarding all Fund terms, conditions and explanations.

Expected purchase price

As is consistent with this suburb expected purchase price about $1.85 – $2.05 million as at 2018.

At this time purchase price is increasing by an average of about $15,000 per month.

Expected capital growth

to be consistent with history and market influences which equates to about $140,000 p.a. to be shared by all holders of capital units in the fund

Investment Details.

Considered to be an excellent long-term asset of the House Buyers United Fund and an opportunity for investors seeking relatively secure and predictable capital growth over the long-term with such a relatively small individual investment.

This property is high on our acquisition list and House Buyers United Fund is in the accumulation phase to raise capital.

Cooling off Period

House Buyers United Fund Liquidity Status

Under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth), the Fund is liquid when 80% or more of it’s assets are invested in ‘liquid’ assets.

The Fund is currently liquid and therefore, if you are a retail client and are first issued with Capital Units today, you will be entitled to a cooling off period.

Please refer to section 13.3 of the House Buyers United Fund Product Disclosure Statement for full information.

The liquidity status of the Fund may change

The liquidity status of the Fund may change between the time you apply for Capital Units and the time that you are first issued Capital Units.

Even if the Fund is liquid at the time you apply for Capital Units, if the Fund is illiquid at the time Capital Units are first issued, no cooling off rights will apply.


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